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Hours had passed since I allowed Death's cousin to be around me once more as I woke at the end of night's course. I had walked out onto the balcony afterwards for some fresh air to notice just how much the town of Newgrounds had changed. Many years ago there was a time when Newgrounds was filled to the brim with smut. Every corner had an Ad for some kind of perversion. Whether it be Hentai, or Cheerleader P.R.O.N. (Preferred Raunchy Overwhelming Nastiness) The views of it is what kept this town up and running.

Then for some apparent reason. 90% of the smut was gone. I remember it as it were yesterday when Tom Fulp went to the BBS, got on his podium had said...

"Ladies who barely come here and Gentlemen whom have nothing else better to do but be here. I have news for everyone. I've found myself a business partner who had asked not to be named for whatever reason. This partner of mine donated enough money to rid this town of nearly all the PRON. And while I know that this may disappoint the majority of you. But worry not, people within the SWF will continue to make that good ole fashioned homemade PRON for your viewing pleasure. This is just the beginning of a newer, slightly cleaner Newgrounds!"

Since then, it was proven 6 months later when he restructured it all. Even changed the ID's that we used to have...


I'm thrown out of my thought scheme. As the birds sing their song appreciating the bright day star...

Leroy - Good morning.

Mast3rMind - Morning.

Leroy - You look deep in thought. Anything wrong?

Mast3rMind - No. I'm just stuck in between the amazingly missed changes within the little things and the confusion intertwined into it.

Leroy - What?

Mast3rMind - Nevermind. So, what's for breakfast?

BBM - Well. Since all the right ingredients were here I decided on making four kinds of pancakes. Normal, Blueberry, Chocolate, Raspberry.

Dangan - I didn't know you could cook.

BBM - Not all that hard. I grew up with one saying.

Dangan - How'd it go?

BBM - "If you're not hungry enough to make an attempt at cooking, then you're not hungry at all."

Scott - Ha! I like that kind of thought scheme.

Leroy - Let's get to it then.


Scott - Sorry, I'll be with you soon. Leave me some. Please.

Dangan - I'll try man.

Scott had then left and went into room...

Mast3rMind - Got dibs on Chocolate.

BBM - The hell you do!

As the fight for pancakes garnered all the attention as something more devious was being ignored...

Scott - Listen, I was out of it yesterday. Tired as hell. That's why I didn't rush off to NGMAG. Nor show up at the briefing.

Caller - You damn fool. Maybe you would've been better off going, at least I would've gotten rid of a no good slacker.

Scott - What do you mean "gotten rid of". What happened yesterday.

Caller - There were people that have been marked for death. In an attempt to off everyone of them, on escaped like it was nothing while the others were chased throughout the entire building then blown up for all their troubles. The cleanup crews took care of most if it. They're on the run right now, and can't be too far.

Scott - Anything I should know?

Caller - That depends. Will actually confront them should you come across any within your reach?

Scott - Yes. You forget that I'm one of the best you have.

Caller - Ha! I doubt you would've been able to claim that yesterday. But fine. Be on alert for an Asian woman in her late 20's, a black man with an eye patch in his early 20's, and two Caucasian men. One has blond hair, the other is slightly overweight. I'm willing to bet that the last three will more than likely still be together instead of splitting...


A wave of shock had then struck the face of Scott as he had then learned that the same people his roommate had taken in and played Call Of Duty with were indeed the people mentioned...

Caller - Hello?

Scott had then snapped out of his shocked induced stupor and picked up the phone...

Scott - I'm back. And I'm on it.

Caller - Don't move in on any attack until you've contacted me first. Understood?

Scott - Understood, Gary.


Gary - I'm looking forward to playing this little game. It seems that these people will actually put up a fight. I wonder which one I'll end up maiming or killing first...

We're brought back to Scott's room as he begins to leave it weary with just a little bit hope left within memory to believe that the descriptions didn't match...

Dangan - Sorry man. I have one of each left. The other three devoured nearly all the pancakes.

As Dangan pointed at a group which consisted of Mast3rMind, BBM, and Leroy that were all passed out from the food...

Scott - That's all right. I like a mixture of things every now and then.

Dangan - Good then.

Mast3rMind - So damn full right now. Why'd you make so many?!

BBM - I wanted to make sure I made enough for everybody. That, and I love pancakes.

Leroy - Ugggghhhhh.

Scott - By the looks of it, I should be glad that I missed out the majority of it huh?

Dangan - It was horrible. It was like watching Lions going after a wounded animal for food. Forks were everywhere, and I got stabbed in the process!

Leroy - Should've used a fork. No one I know grabs a pancake with their bare hands when stacks are still available to people.

BBM - Damn right!

Scott - I'll do the dishes after I'm done.

Leroy - Cool. We're going to have to shop again for some more food. I'm tired of eating rabbits and bear cubs.

Scott - All right. We'll go later.

Leroy - Good, let me get some sleep for a bit. Wake me in a hour.

Scott - Ok.

An hour had passed as Leroy was woken up by Scott...

Leroy - We'll be back in a bit. Feel free to stay for a bit longer.

Dangan - Thank you.

Leroy - No problem.

Both had then left the apartment had gotten into the car soon and took off...

Leroy - Man, I haven't eaten like that in ages.

Scott - They were great tasting pancakes. But I have something to tell you.

Leroy - What?

Scott - It's about the three people you brought back to our apartment yesterday...

Stay tuned for the next chapter

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