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Chapter Seven - Revelations

2008-12-22 17:58:53 by Mast3rMind

Hours had passed since I allowed Death's cousin to be around me once more as I woke at the end of night's course. I had walked out onto the balcony afterwards for some fresh air to notice just how much the town of Newgrounds had changed. Many years ago there was a time when Newgrounds was filled to the brim with smut. Every corner had an Ad for some kind of perversion. Whether it be Hentai, or Cheerleader P.R.O.N. (Preferred Raunchy Overwhelming Nastiness) The views of it is what kept this town up and running.

Then for some apparent reason. 90% of the smut was gone. I remember it as it were yesterday when Tom Fulp went to the BBS, got on his podium had said...

"Ladies who barely come here and Gentlemen whom have nothing else better to do but be here. I have news for everyone. I've found myself a business partner who had asked not to be named for whatever reason. This partner of mine donated enough money to rid this town of nearly all the PRON. And while I know that this may disappoint the majority of you. But worry not, people within the SWF will continue to make that good ole fashioned homemade PRON for your viewing pleasure. This is just the beginning of a newer, slightly cleaner Newgrounds!"

Since then, it was proven 6 months later when he restructured it all. Even changed the ID's that we used to have...


I'm thrown out of my thought scheme. As the birds sing their song appreciating the bright day star...

Leroy - Good morning.

Mast3rMind - Morning.

Leroy - You look deep in thought. Anything wrong?

Mast3rMind - No. I'm just stuck in between the amazingly missed changes within the little things and the confusion intertwined into it.

Leroy - What?

Mast3rMind - Nevermind. So, what's for breakfast?

BBM - Well. Since all the right ingredients were here I decided on making four kinds of pancakes. Normal, Blueberry, Chocolate, Raspberry.

Dangan - I didn't know you could cook.

BBM - Not all that hard. I grew up with one saying.

Dangan - How'd it go?

BBM - "If you're not hungry enough to make an attempt at cooking, then you're not hungry at all."

Scott - Ha! I like that kind of thought scheme.

Leroy - Let's get to it then.


Scott - Sorry, I'll be with you soon. Leave me some. Please.

Dangan - I'll try man.

Scott had then left and went into room...

Mast3rMind - Got dibs on Chocolate.

BBM - The hell you do!

As the fight for pancakes garnered all the attention as something more devious was being ignored...

Scott - Listen, I was out of it yesterday. Tired as hell. That's why I didn't rush off to NGMAG. Nor show up at the briefing.

Caller - You damn fool. Maybe you would've been better off going, at least I would've gotten rid of a no good slacker.

Scott - What do you mean "gotten rid of". What happened yesterday.

Caller - There were people that have been marked for death. In an attempt to off everyone of them, on escaped like it was nothing while the others were chased throughout the entire building then blown up for all their troubles. The cleanup crews took care of most if it. They're on the run right now, and can't be too far.

Scott - Anything I should know?

Caller - That depends. Will actually confront them should you come across any within your reach?

Scott - Yes. You forget that I'm one of the best you have.

Caller - Ha! I doubt you would've been able to claim that yesterday. But fine. Be on alert for an Asian woman in her late 20's, a black man with an eye patch in his early 20's, and two Caucasian men. One has blond hair, the other is slightly overweight. I'm willing to bet that the last three will more than likely still be together instead of splitting...


A wave of shock had then struck the face of Scott as he had then learned that the same people his roommate had taken in and played Call Of Duty with were indeed the people mentioned...

Caller - Hello?

Scott had then snapped out of his shocked induced stupor and picked up the phone...

Scott - I'm back. And I'm on it.

Caller - Don't move in on any attack until you've contacted me first. Understood?

Scott - Understood, Gary.


Gary - I'm looking forward to playing this little game. It seems that these people will actually put up a fight. I wonder which one I'll end up maiming or killing first...

We're brought back to Scott's room as he begins to leave it weary with just a little bit hope left within memory to believe that the descriptions didn't match...

Dangan - Sorry man. I have one of each left. The other three devoured nearly all the pancakes.

As Dangan pointed at a group which consisted of Mast3rMind, BBM, and Leroy that were all passed out from the food...

Scott - That's all right. I like a mixture of things every now and then.

Dangan - Good then.

Mast3rMind - So damn full right now. Why'd you make so many?!

BBM - I wanted to make sure I made enough for everybody. That, and I love pancakes.

Leroy - Ugggghhhhh.

Scott - By the looks of it, I should be glad that I missed out the majority of it huh?

Dangan - It was horrible. It was like watching Lions going after a wounded animal for food. Forks were everywhere, and I got stabbed in the process!

Leroy - Should've used a fork. No one I know grabs a pancake with their bare hands when stacks are still available to people.

BBM - Damn right!

Scott - I'll do the dishes after I'm done.

Leroy - Cool. We're going to have to shop again for some more food. I'm tired of eating rabbits and bear cubs.

Scott - All right. We'll go later.

Leroy - Good, let me get some sleep for a bit. Wake me in a hour.

Scott - Ok.

An hour had passed as Leroy was woken up by Scott...

Leroy - We'll be back in a bit. Feel free to stay for a bit longer.

Dangan - Thank you.

Leroy - No problem.

Both had then left the apartment had gotten into the car soon and took off...

Leroy - Man, I haven't eaten like that in ages.

Scott - They were great tasting pancakes. But I have something to tell you.

Leroy - What?

Scott - It's about the three people you brought back to our apartment yesterday...

Stay tuned for the next chapter

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Chapter Five - A Welcomed Calm Before The Storm

2008-12-17 19:51:28 by Mast3rMind

The ride was incredibly smooth as if we were all being carried. I've felt like this before, and it is a natural high. Fatigue and pain eased through us like the breeze in trees. As our minds in unison were fading slowly like Jeans washed too many times or the Sun when it slowly introduces a Hemisphere to darkness.

"I can't rest just yet." I think to myself. So I decided to make some small talk to get the Sandman vexed enough to leave me be.

Mast3rMind - How long have you been in Newgrounds?

Leroy - Since August 26th, 2005.

Mast3rMind - Ah. I see. I've been around slightly longer then.

Leroy - Yeah. What's kept you here?

Mast3rMind - Why you ask?

Leroy - A lot of people that moved here even before the time you we showed up are leaving like crazy. I thought you would've been one of the few that would make that move.

Mast3rMind - Several times I've thought about leaving. But sometimes I think one of my old friends might be around. The one thing that made this place great was the people I was able to relate to. Only a few remain. So when they're all gone, so am I. But for about a year I've been in the shadows. Ghosting for a better term.

Leroy - I see. That does make a lot of sense.

Mast3rMind - Now, what keeps you here?

Leroy - Well...remember when Wade would come down to the BBS and whore out his "OH SNAP" pictures?

Mast3rMind - I remember that. As well as the legion of idiotic fools that made a big deal about it. While hoping that they'd become MODS in the process for giving a damn. What about it?

Leroy - I took stand against it and spoke my word wondering why we should care.

Mast3rMind - Not a smart move. Many just ignore it.

Leroy - Yeah, well because of my actions of I was banished from the BBS for about a week. It didn't bother me much though.

Mast3rMind - Banishment loses it's novelty after the first year. Unless you're pathetic enough to actually think you need to be there, then Wade has actually succeeded in something.

Leroy - Indeed. I thought I was the only one that had that kind of thought scheme.

Mast3rMind - You'd be surprised how many actually think that way then.

Leroy - I bet.

We continued our exchange in words till I noticed a bloody 2X4 with 5 nails sticking out if i. So I had to ask...

Mast3rMind - What's up with the 2X4?

He had then reached into his glove compartment as I began to notice several bandages on his right arm. It had been too dark too tell if the wounds may have been fresh or not. But he had then pulled out a badge and handed it to me. "Scout" was the title on the badge. And it had all made sense. I dodged this job aiming for a higher one and had attained through crooked means...

Leroy - It's not as if I really cared in the end about Wade's "OH SNAP" pictures. A part of me was just fed up on how he was running things. My rank forces me to be the one that hunts down woodland creatures to help the food supply here. It makes me sick man. Three days ago I was in the woods doing some more hunting when a bear had suddenly approached me. I readied my aim took a breath and shot...

Mast3rMind - You killed the bear?

Leroy - I purposely missed. I was frustrated beyond all moral comprehension and threw my rifle to the ground as the bear started advancing towards me. I was tired, so I was willing to give up right there as the bear then had severely clawed me. I blacked out for a short time thinking that I had actually died for a time. But I welcomed it. I can't stand killing anything, or anyone for that matter. I was raised that way.

Mast3rMind - Well, I'm not big on Religion, but I've studied plenty to know some of the most basic ones. For example, your God giving Man control over all animals and whatever under you.

Leroy - Correct, but that doesn't mean that one can easily partake in such a brutal act.

Mast3rMind - It's inevitible.

Leroy - What is?

Mast3rMind - I believe I'm rusty with this term. But I think they call it the "The Goh Of Man" And it states that no matter how you live, and what you do. You'll always kill something even if it is unintentional. What makes you feel the way you do is the sight of blood, gore and so on. Plus the fact that it had a life. So tell me this, do you look down every time you walk somewhere?

Leroy - No, I can't say that I do.

Mast3rMind - There all types of insects down there that you may have killed in the process. But you never thought about them till now, huh?

There was a brief pause...

Leroy - I never thought about it like that.

Mast3rMind - I thought so. So, what happened next after you had blacked out?

Leroy - I heard gunfire as I saw the bear running away from the area. My roommate Scott Carroll showed up called for some paramedics. I blacked out once more to find myself in a hospital. It was then that I had noticed that I had scratch marks from chest to my right arm. To tell you the truth, I'm still feeling some pain from it. But these pain killers seem to do the trick just fine.

Mast3rMind - Makes sense then why you would carry that weapon.

Leroy - It's my secondary, but works just fine. Ah, we're almost here. Brace yourselves for the speed bump.

I looked at Dangan and BBM who were knocked out from the adrenaline high and decided to brace myself instead...


The SUV rocked heavily as it sent both Dangan's and BBM's head colliding into the ceiling of the car.

BBM/Dangan - Bloody hell?!

Mast3rMind - Ha ha ha!

Leroy - Sorry about that. I didn't know that the two of you were asleep back there.

We had arrived at his apartment building. Which had been one of the ghettos of Newgrounds. It was cheap, but at least it came with a roof to put over heads. We piled out of the car carrying our heavy bags up several flights of stairs till we approached Leroy's home. Which was on the 16th floor...


It wasn't long before we were greeted by a skinny kid who looked puzzled by the likes of Leroy's extra company...

Leroy - Worry not Scott. They'll only be here for short while. They got their car stolen while camping out.

Scott - Ok then.

The meeting was short as he went back to playing Call Of Duty World At War.

Leroy - Anything that is in this house, you can help yourself out to.

BBM - Thanks.

Leroy - No problem.

We settled in for the night after a few rounds of Nazi Zombie game play as I laid down thinking...

"Why am I getting these kind people involved? Especially when we don't know if what happened earlier is the end of it? It's reckless and above all asinine."

I thought to myself. But if something should ever happen I'll be prepared to face whatever consequences. If there is a storm approaching...

Mast3rMind - Then this calm is heavily welcomed.

Dangan had then turned over and woke up...

Dangan - Huh, what?

Still in a daze...

Mast3rMind - Nothing. Get some sleep.

Stay tuned for the next chapter on Dangan's page.

Chapter Four - Hello, My Name Is...

2008-12-15 11:40:11 by Mast3rMind

"Sarai had decided to leave at the right time."

I thought to myself. As ironic as it sounds, myself and General Mao could agree on one thing. That women do infact hold up the stars. But my mind had quickly faded from that thought as soon as I came to realize that the building was being riddled with bullets.

Dangan - What the hell are we going to do?!

BBM - I have no idea man. We're completely surrounded!

I may have been the only one that wasn't bothered with the sound of gunfire. When you grow used to hearing bullets being shot, from all types of weapons. You'll eventually start hearing something else from it...

Mast3rMind - Lars Ulrich, Rick Allen, John Dolmayan, Travis Barker, and Jaska Raatikainen.

Dangan - What the hell are you spouting names for? Can't you hear all the gunfire out there?

Mast3rMind - Not really. I hear drums. I compare each weapon to speed and delivery. Recoil as well. So in other words. We're dealing with a MP-40, %u0160korpion vz. 61, FMK-3, and a Suomi M/31. I don't know who sent these people but a lot of those weapons are foriegn and out of date.

BBM - Got any ideas?

Mast3rMind - Well, since this place is one places Wade used to go. A good place for us to go would be the basement. I'm sure we'll find something of use there.

BBM/Dangan - Sounds like a plan.

We all began to leave the room. As adrenaline was pumping wildly at the wrong time. Every step took longer than expected as we wondered if they had stormed the building yet...

Dangan - Mind telling me why we took the stairs?

Mast3rMind - Treat this situation like a fire. Wouldn't like to have some room if they started shooting at you?

Dangan - You've got a point.

BBM - The last thing we need is to be cornered by these people.

We made it all the way down to the lobby to hear a loud banging. Apparently the deadbolt placed upon it was too much for these idiots...


The door was blasted open as debris and smoke began to fill the room...

Man - Kill them all! Spare not one person!

The adrenaline was still going strong as we quickly gathered our wits with our mind on thing...

Dangan - BASEMENT!

We ran frantically as bullets were fired at us. Like mini missiles they zoomed past our heads missing as we were silently grateful none had hit anyone of us. We had finally reached the basement which had turned out to be larger than anyone of us had expected. We saw a room called Armory and had realized that my hunch was correct. It seems that Wade bought a lot of new weaponry in case Obama really did take his guns away. Ha!

BBM - There's enough weapons here to start a bloody war with.

Dangan - We don't have enough time notice the small things. We should form a barricade and find another way out of here.

Mast3rMind - Are you sure there is another one?

BBM - I think I heard that there was. That Wade had one formed somewhere around here for salvation in case he ever pissed off his wife again.

Mast3rMind - Well, she does wear army boots.

Dangan/BBM - Ha ha ha!


A grenade was dropped rocking all of us as well as letting us all know that our time was short.

Dangan - I got an idea. I'm willing to bet that these bastards aren't too smart. This armory doesn't really have that strong of a lock. So why don't we roll these stack of rockets by the door?

BBM - Bloody brilliant!

BBM and Dangan started loading rockets next to the door while I started looking for the exit. I got lucky and found it. There had been another room below the floor of the basement as I dropped into the room to notice all the ramen any college student would die for. As I peered my head above the floor with an idea...

Mast3rMind - See those duffle bags over there. Toss one down here. I'll gather some food, you two put the weapons and ammo in two other bags. And please be quick about it. There's an elevator leading to another way out of here.

BBM/Dangan - Understood!

Time was ticking, and sweat was dropping as I started to hear the sound of the frustrated people who were trying to kill us were having problems finding us...

Dangan - We're done!

Dangan and BBM and made their way to the room I was in as I had closed the entry way to it afterwards and hit the button of elevator waiting for it come down. It took ten seconds but it felt as if two minutes had passed. The elevator was clear so we could see everything around us. We huddled on to it heading up hoping that the people trying to kill us hadn't approaced the armory yet. The elevator didn't have anything to let us know if were half way to the top or nowhere near as I began to hear...


We were all rocked and the elevator started to shake.

Dangan - Look down!

We all did as we started to see the flames steadily chasing us up the shaft.


We all jumped out of the elevator onto the grass as we turned and noticed that it was all on fire. What luck has struck us during this time of confusion? As we were all laid out for the moment exhausted...

Mast3rMind - Everyone Ok?


We all looked at BBM.

BBM - Hey, I had nothing but black coffee and beans all day. I'm slightly poor!

Mast3rMind/Dangan - Ha ha ha!

We all got up some time after and started running through the woods...

BBM - We can't rest out here. We have to find some shelter or something. Maybe even some wheels.

Dangan - Where would we go? Ebaumsworld?

No answer was given as of yet and we continued to tread through the bushes on to a highway...

Mast3rMind - I say we hitch a ride.

Dangan - Who can we trust?

BBM - No one but ourselves really. But there is a slight chance that everything that happened to us ended there and that these weapons aren't necessary.

A car then pulled up besides us as the driver and rolled his window down. He drove an SUV.

Driver - You guys need a ride?

We all looked at each other unsure of how to answer...

Driver - I'll drive you guys wherever you need to go.

I got tired of being indecisive...

Mast3rMind - Sure. We were camping and got lost. The matter was made worse when someone stole our car.

Driver - A shame. Get in then. I'll take you back to my house and get you all settled there.

Mast3rMind - Cool, thanks.

We were still unsure about this man's kindness but a ride was a ride as we put our bags in the back and got in...

Dangan - Thanks man.

Driver - No problem.

BBM - Why help us out?

Driver - Why not, isn't it the Christian thing to do?

Mast3rMind - I suppose...

Being Agnostic I try my hardest not to grin heavily...

Dangan - We can't keep talking without a name. Who are you?

Driver - apologies. Let's start over. Hello, my name is Brandon, but people call me Leroy.

He then played Bodyjar's Too Drunk To Drive as we disappeared into the night...

Stayed tuned for the next chapter in my next post.

Chapter One - Ill Fated Timing

2008-12-12 11:18:17 by Mast3rMind

I was a Police Sergeant in the city of Newgrounds. And had served for four years. I had shot and killed 1,053 horrible members of the .SWF (Shock Wave Familia). But I guess I'm crooked since I saved 409 of the same. I saw the quality in some of them and let them stay amongst the others that people praise daily. I wasn't given a given the B.L.A.M. (Benevolent Lament Assassainating Machine) gun without thought. I rose in the ranks quickly as a lawyer first. By going through page after page of .SWF's entertainment facilities. As people would leave reviews.

A lot of it would either be nonsensical, or indeed a great read. You see, in the town of Newgrounds. The .SWF runs all. So it's best to get on their good side. Even if you knew members of the .MP3 (Musically Predestined (Since) 3) or the .WAV (Wavering Ability Of Virility) none had the ability to take you places. My good friend had asked me once...

ZenGaijin - Why work for the .SWF? That's a hard life man.

Mast3rMind - Simple. Because you can do whatever you want faster than a normal man can.

ZenGaijin - So you're giving up on the .MP3?

Mast3rMind - No one cares about my abilities. Besides...I work best from the shadows.

Throughout all my hard work. I was given a Diety Whistle as a sign of status. A Sai for a weapon for which I've attained last week. A badge to show people the work I've done. As well as a voting power of 7.59 votes. I don't know why I have it. It's not as if there are elections of great power since Tom Fulp appears the be the figure head. I call him a figure head since he's nothing but a face like the Emperor of Japan or the Queen of England. His older brother runs Newgrounds.

A tight fisted Conservative is what he is. Even though his policies are quite Socialistic, but with the effect of a lottery of who'd get food stamps this month. A $100 dollars is child's play. But I guess you can call me hater since I've never won the lottery. Ted Stevens was right when he said that the internet was a series of tubes. The Fulp Brothers were the first to take advantage of this fact and bought some from Al Gore.

Since then they've had a Portal up. And it's been there since 95. There was a rumor that said that this town was called Ungrounded at one point. But I don't care much about it. Every bit of idle chatter could be found down the street in the BBS (Building of Boderline Socials). These are troubling times as the world continues to turn. There have been many failed attempts of creating towns like this, let alone a solid BBS. Take it from someone who lost Dramon due to the fact that I couldn't pay for it's domain.

I don't run the BBS. Nor do I want to. The people I do are called MODS (Moderately On Days Seriously). They show up when they please and clean up the place as indentured servants. Anyone can become one. Ozcar mowed my lawn one day, then had more power than me the next. Crazy, huh? I haven't become involved in this town in quite some time and have somewhat become a ghost.

Nearly everyone I was cool with is gone now, and most of the topics these people are talking about, I can't get into. But lately I've noticed an unrest. A stir in the atmosphere. The massive feel of stupidity and puberty have faded. The town had gotten silent as I haven't heard the idiots scream COCK JOKE or TLDR. It was eerily peaceful those days.

One of my hidden abilities is the power of precognition. I know when something is going to happen. Whether it be good, bad or in between. What I had been feeling earlier hit all three. And the problem with this ability is the fact that it is an annoying one to have. It's like you have someone screaming in your ear...


You think to yourself for a second. And respond with...


You wait and only get a quiet answer you formed for yourself that sounds like...

don't know. just wait until it happens. at least you know something is going to happen. feel better?

That's what it feels like to have that ability and that is how I felt for the longest time. It had been a long while since I had paid my friends both distant and mutual a visit so I decided to tread into town after being gone for some time. I called them up and told them to meet me at the place no one goes anymore. That place would be the NG MAG (Massively Asinine Gaiety) Building. Inside the abandoned building would be Sarai, Dangan, and BBM waiting for me. I opened the door and was greeted heavily...

Sarai ran up and hugged me. I was puzzled, but remembered that it had been a long time since we've talked...

Sarai - Mast3rMind! How have you been?! I've missed you so much!

Dangan and BBM decided to play it cool and wave while simply saying what every guy does as a way of getting attention.

Dangan/BBM - Hey, sup?

I waved back as if it was an auto response and had said to them...

Mast3rMind - Well, I've been laid off as of two months ago. I would've been called a Vagrant in this town, but my blackness wouldn't allow me to be whiter other than the tone of my voice.

Sarai/Dangan/BBM - Ha ha ha!

In unison they broke out in laughter but slowly remembered that behind my dry wit, I'm always incredibly serious.

Dangan - Damn mate. You have it as bad as we do, huh?

Mast3rMind - Yep. But I'll eventually get some more capital in my pockets. I got hustle in my blood.

BBM - Well, perhaps things will eventually get better, right?

Sarai - Now now. Don't go jinxing everyone dearie.

Mast3rMind - Ha ha ha!

Dangan - Come on now. It's not as if we have someone playing God, carefully planning what happens to us next?

BBM - That would be messed up if God was person that picked on random people writing down something along the lines of "This is what happened next to so and so."

Sarai - Ha ha ha! It's never dull with you three around.

The four of them caught up with their lives well into the middle of the night. Little did they know that what would befall them would determine their every thought. As well as determine their own insecurities. Yet amongst all previously listed the one above all is TRUST.

Stay tuned for the next chapter